Contract Machining

At Lincoln Jigs we specialize in precision multi-axis CNC milling and CNC turning. Operating to highly sensitive tolerance specifications we machine most materials including steel, brass, titanium and plastics in batches typically ranging from 10 to 10000.

Complex Parts and Moulds

Using Work NC computer aided machining, complex moulds and curved surfaces can be machined.

Reverse Engineering

We have capabilities to accurately measure the geometry of sample or broken parts. These can then be modelled, drawn or sketched for reproduction.

Jig and Tool Design

A precise and well-engineered Jig or Fixture can make vast improvements to the production process. Lincoln Jigs is capable of designing and creating effective jig and tooling solutions.

Design service in-house

With an experienced in-house CAD design service Lincoln Jigs has the competencies and operation to look after your project from initial ideas though to final production.

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